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The Never-ending Battle of Business Competition

blog Mar 19, 2019

The business world is filled with competitive people. That’s human nature – it is the way it is. If people don’t compete to sit on the “business throne,” there won’t really be an incentive to make great things, will there?

That’s why our world advances faster every day – competition. When you have just started your business, you are fighting to get to the next level. When you get there, all you want is the next one up, and then the one that follows, etc. And if you finally get to the highest vision you have, you have to fight to prevent others from pushing you down again.

No matter how terrible it sounds, it is actually amazing. It is how people succeed and use their potential. It is how our world progresses. And for most entrepreneurs, it is why you started your business in the first place.

What To Do

Unless you want to stand in place and not move upwards, all your days will be a business battle of some kind. Interestingly, whether you succeed in it or not will depend on how well you plan and how strategic your mind is. Some of the greatest battles in the world, the actual ones, were won by an unexpected side. Despite their flaws, the brains behind the operation made it all happen. I will tell you, they relied on strategy, not only tactics.

It’s pretty much the same in business. The smarter you are about it, the better your business becomes. The wiser you plan your strategies and your way to the top, the higher the odds are that you’ll beat the obstacles and get there.

What you need is a strategy, and a good one. It’s no wonder why people emphasize business plans as the core, the prerequisite of a business success. The competition has always been here and it will in all likelihood always stay that way, but you have as much of a chance of reaching your vision as the next person. It all comes down to how smart you are about it and how well you execute.

I’ve got a secret recipe that will get you there. Many have heard of it, but not many understand its value. It’s called the Pyramid of Purpose and Value. It helps you design your business from the top down so you can build it from the bottom up. The smarter you design the pyramid, the stronger your business strategy will be, and the easier it will be to achieve the exact success you planned.

You can read more about the Pyramid of Purpose and Value in my book: Getting To The Next Level - A Blueprint for Taking You and Your Business to the Top (

You can also scoop up a poster of the Pyramid of Purpose and Value here:


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