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I want to set you up for success! I’ve developed half, full, and two-day courses to help you and your team get to the next level.

We can also customize any program to suit your team’s needs.

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Building High Performance Teams

A highly engaging training program packed with a plethora of fun activities and games focusing on the key characteristics of high performing teams. The high-energy training program will help you equip members of a team with the essential skill set and mindset to be a professional team player in a high performing team in which every individual takes responsibility to be productive, proactive, and reliable.

The training program will help you create a more professional, dynamic, and effective work team that enjoys the work environment and consistently achieves more.

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Change Matters

No matter if you are the boss or just a foot soldier, change affects everyone. In dealing with change, people must address their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors first to be able to go through a change.

There are loads of books and training programs addressing organizational change. This training program focuses on what it actually feels like during a workplace change or a personal change. It provides you with a logical framework to assist you in gaining perspective on the change situation you are facing and its impact, and helping you develop insight that will guide you through the transition.

The goal of this program is to help you take responsibility for how you react and respond to change by giving you a set of tools and techniques of self-awareness and assessment to light up the curves and sometimes bumpy ride on your road to change.

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Communicating With Clarity And Impact

This high energy program is designed to focus on the foundation communication skills: listening, asking insightful questions, and recognizing the power of non-verbal communication. Participants will learn how to build rapport using simple NLP techniques, such as pacing and leading, which can translate into positive results.

Participants will learn how to combine voice tone and body language with language that engages others. Using a four-point communications model, participants will be able to communicate their messages more clearly, confidently, and effectively.

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable. Everyone has had them and will probably have them in the future. This training program presents tools and techniques so participants can more confidently deal with workplace conflict.

The program explores the definition of conflict and presents how conflict situations can have positive outcomes. Participants will practice a conflict resolution process to successfully handle workplace conflict and will learn common tactics, counter tactics, and games used in conflict resolutions.

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Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making

This highly interactive workshop introduces a variety of creative solution generation and decision-making techniques. Participants will develop the skills necessary to analyze a problem, generate creative solutions, and decide which solution most closely matches their needs.

After practicing the new tools and techniques, participants will apply them on an interesting case study. The case study presented at the beginning of the class will take participants back to ancient Egypt where, as a team, they have to solve a problem, otherwise the Pharaoh will be very angry.

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Lead, Motivate & Inspire

The best leaders have the ability to share their vision with passion and commitment, giving their people a purpose, a challenge they are willing to embrace and carry on to achieve amazing results.

This activity-based training program will empower you as a leader in bringing out the best in yourself and others by exploring the most critical leadership success factors of strong leadership that will help you bring your people together, motivate, energize, and inspire them to their full potential to achieve extraordinary things.

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Negotiating For Results

This workshop is focused on setting in place principles for the development of robust negotiation skills. It will provide you with tools to promote effective negotiation communications and give you techniques for turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem-solving.

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Presenting With Impact

How often have you had to endure a presentation where the presenter just gave a lecture while you were expected to passively listen and perhaps take notes? Most people think this style does not really teach, inspire, or motivate an audience. If the only purpose of your presentation is to transfer information, you are better off distributing it in a handout/email and canceling the event.


An effective presentation aims to change the audience and get them to think or act differently. The presenter should be able to engage them with a clear, focused message, logical arguments, and compelling visuals. Add a passionate delivery that evokes emotions and your presentation is sure to impact your audience forcefully.

This program provides a guiding framework to teach others how to design, develop, and deliver compelling, high-impact presentations. Participants will learn simple, innovative concepts they can apply throughout the design and delivery process. Additionally, participants will review how to structure presentations, research content, create impactful visuals, and enhance their delivery skills.

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