The Coach's Huddle™ Mastermind

Each month, I host and moderate The Coach's Huddle™ Mastermind Group. It's a small ad-hoc mastermind group made up of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and managers from various industries (mostly IT) all over the world.

The intention is to feed the idea factory in all of us by making connections with other inspired and motivated people who share a desire to get to the next level.

Those who participate get access to and feel the power of the mastermind meeting. Everyone will make new connections and quite often, these connections are long-term and always beneficial.



By Invitation

If you've been personally invited to participate in one of my monthly Ad-Hoc Coach's Huddle™ Mastermind Groups, then this is the place to sign up. You are free to select any of the upcoming scheduled groups depending on your availability, but please do not sign up for more than one at a time.

Also, please understand that in order for me to continue to make new connections, it means that I must strive to give preference to new registrants over returning registrants. The best way to self-throttle is to only sign up for one huddle every six months.


Due to my travel and coaching schedule, these huddle groups may be scheduled on different days of the month and times of day, but my favorite time slot is typically first Wednesday of the month from 11:00am to 1:00pm Eastern. For some, this is good because it means you might be able to attend one in a given month if it's on a Tuesday, Thursday, or maybe even earlier/later in the day. So, if you're interested but you can't make this month, maybe you can make next month.

My Promise

Note: There is no sales or marketing involved in these meetings. They are held purely for the benefit of the people involved.
I simply want to make a million connections of entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs all over the world.

Rules of Engagement

The group has simple rules of participation that everyone agrees upon:

  • There will be no recording of the event in any form.
  • This is a video meeting and a camera is required.
  • There are no agreements signed as everyone relies on the integrity of the others.
  • Everyone will take a turn in the introduction of themselves and their company.
  • Everyone will take a turn in presenting their pain point, issue, or hot idea.
  • Everyone will be open and honest in sharing their constructive input.
  • Contact information for all attending members is shared with each member.
  • You must be in the huddle for the entire time. No early-out or late-to-show.

Some people might say that the absence of agreements will cause restrictions in what people will feel open to discussing in the group. There are several reasons this is pretty much a non-issue - this is not a typical formal recurring mastermind group, it is by invitation only to select individuals, the participants are rarely (if ever) from the same geographical area, and it's only two hours long so the depth and detail to which any single issue can reach is limited.

Before You Register

  • All registrants must be approved by me before their spot in the group is confirmed.
  • Space is limited to an absolute maximum of 10 participants.
  • If you have not been specifically invited but are interested in participating, you simply need to sign up here for a seat, and then follow the directions in the Event Registration email that follows.
  • I do ask that you reach out to me via email or connect with me on LinkedIn so that I know you're a real person and that you're serious about your commitment to attend.
  • Remember, you can always contact me directly as I'm always willing to chat with inspired individuals who are trying to get to the next level.

Important Notes

o This is an in-person video meeting on Zoom Meetings.
o If you are a no-show for a huddle that you have signed up for without at least letting me know...
   - then you're a schmo and you will not likely get to sit in on one in the future.
o A camera with good noise-canceling or a headset with good noise-canceling is required.
o Please do not register for this event if you are not certain that you can and will attend.

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