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Tech Interrogation - Easy Digital Downloads

blog May 04, 2021

I don't really get into reviewing or showcasing the tools I use to run my business, but there is one I have to share because of how much it means to me. It's a WordPress® plugin called Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), and it is what I use to run all of my product sales and funnels. I selected it several years ago after comparing many of the top-rated plugins available. What I found was that the more you buy into the EDD way of doing things, the easier it gets as far as setting set up your entire site including your sales funnels.


When I did my comparison, I had to seriously consider the cost of the tool as I was just getting started and had a tight budget. It quickly became apparent to me that there was much more to consider than the features-for-cost benefits - there were the compatibility issues with WordPress and the many other plugins I use, plus the reasonable expectation of support after purchase. I will admit, I was heavily leaning toward WooCommerce, but every time I looked even a little bit deeper into any given feature of WooCommerce, not only would it cost me more, but also the depth of true capability of the features was limited or there were even more dependencies. I had many questions and while researching, I received very timely responses from the team at EDD. It's been years later now, and I think I'm still waiting for a reply from some of the others I researched.


When it came time to buy the product, I found that it was super easy to install and much of the configuration was intuitive. As I set things up, I found that the options and add-ons I needed plugged in smoothly and just simply worked. Of course, I had some specific requirements for presenting some of my products, and it turns out the CSS to make them display in the manner I wanted was very easy to do. We use so many of the add-ons I couldn't list them all here, but the best ones are the Cross-sell & Upsell, Custom Pricing (for clients to pay invoices), MailPoet (our email program), Stripe (our payment gateway), and my favorite - Social Discounts. We've even built out several sales funnels that start with a free download and lead you to the art with a big upsell.

Bottom Line

I've been using Easy Digital Downloads for years now on my top three websites and I've never looked back on my choice of solution. Support has always been fast, thorough, and excellent, and I highly recommend you give Easy Digital Downloads a try if you're serious about setting up your shop and/or intricate sales funnels.

And one last thing... they also have a really cool mascot - just sayin'.

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