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Manuel solves problems! Whatever the endeavour, project, business issue or roadblock, he can help you. With his diverse and extensive experience, combined with a proven track record, he is the E and the X in Execution. The E representing the ability to make hard decisions in a timely manner and move forward with confidence and intent. The X representing the ability to know the one most important thing to take action on at any given time.

Business analysis is a major function of what Manuel does for the clients he coaches, and he can do it for your company too. You will be provided the in-depth review of your entire business and the careful analysis that is required before strategic planning can take place. Each major area of your business will be scrutinized and an analysis formulated and presented in any number of formats including SWOT and Pyramid.

Sometimes companies with plenty of great people on staff find a need for outside resources to complete a commitment or enhance their existing talent for a particular project. Manuel can be retained for the purpose of running an entire project, system turn-up, or campaign, or he can supplement your existing team with the needed skills.

Manuel is a systems and migration expert and a master of process. He is the person you call when you need to transition from one critical system to another with maximum up-time and functionality throughout the project. From replacing your RMM to spinning up a new CRM, he has the experience and the know-how to architect the smoothest possible transition.

Manuel believes in training the trainer. If your team members need to learn how to run a successful and profitable project or how to come up to speed on a new technology, he can train them. From project planning to project completion and retrospective, he can provide guidance and accountability while training your people on how to create the same success in future projects.

Success is inevitable when disciplined people engage in disciplined thought and take disciplined action. You can rely on Manuel’s discipline to guide you to success and get you and your business to the next level.

Key Skills and Core Competencies

  • Crisis Management in extreme circumstances.
  • Business Analysis required for effective strategic planning.
  • Business and IT Roadmap Development programs that are the blueprint for success.
  • Problem Resolution by working directly with your company on internal issues, or representing your company when you need expertise to solve important client issues.
  • Project Management for any type of project inside your company or for your client, such as Solution Turn-up or New Product Training.
  • Fractional COO services when you need executive level guidance, public presence, or representation for your company, but can’t afford to staff a full-time C-level executive.

Consulting Fees

Manuel provides consulting services only under Retainer and an Engagement Agreement. The purpose of a Retainer fee is to ensure payment for future services or work to be rendered. The purpose of an Engagement Agreement is to clarify a mutually agreed upon scope and goals for the Engagement. It is recommended and expected that the Retainer and Engagement Agreement be supplemented by a non-disclosure where and when appropriate and required.

  • The minimum Retainer is $2,000 US and progresses in increments thereof.
    – Each $2,000 US in retainer fees provides you with 4 hours of consulting.
  • For all clients who are in a Coaching Program, each $2,000 US in retainer fees provides you with 5 hours of consulting.
    – This represents a 20% discount from Manuel’s standard hourly rate.
  • Certain Engagements and all Projects require a larger retainer.
    – Mergers and Acquisitions require a minimum $5,000 US retainer.
  • The standard business hourly rate for everything not specifically indicated here or outside of a retainer is $550 US per hour.
  • Consulting or Engagement cannot commence without a Retainer and Engagement Agreement in place.
    – All time for Consulting Engagements is tracked in fifteen minute increments and billed in
    one hour increments.
  • For special circumstances and projects such as Company Turnarounds, post Merger, Consolidation, or Acquisition, Manuel may be engaged as a Fractional COO for your company.
    – The Fractional COO program is a fraction of the normal working hours of a full-time
    position and typically for a limited term of six to eighteen months. It is designed to
    provide access to top-level experience and guidance that will provide the results

For detailed information and pricing on Fractional COO services, please contact Manuel to schedule an initial consultation.

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